RE|INNOVA gathers the specific technical experiences with multi-disciplinary skills such as finance, fiscal and legal aspects in order to involve the broad range of competences in the real estate development, refurbishment and management.

+ Development

Technical consulting includes proposal of development scenarios , implemented by design sketches and 3D renderings and operational feasibility at any stages of the project, from building area settlement to construction management. RE|INNOVA helps to select and examine both the green and the brown field opportunities by multicriteria decision analyses.

The feasibility studies include the permits issue, the technical compliance, the cash-flow and investment yield valuation, the cost-budgeting and time-scheduling, the legal assistance for suppliers, sellers and buyers, the fiscal consultancy.

+ Refurbishment


Refurbishment involves both re-development of abandoned or underused estate property and the upgrade and retrofitting of real estate assets.

In both cases the RE|INNOVA approach is the improvement of the exploitation and the renovation of the building and its components and systems in order to increase its overall estate value and investment income.

As regards the architectural overview, refurbishment is developed by gathering contextualization of the adjacent and traditional urban context with the latest innovative building components concerning finishes and systems achieving the optimization of energy consumption and environmental impact, the durability of the materials, the functionality and efficiency.

The renovation goal is the accomplishment of the investment profitability such as increase of the property value and decrease of the maintenance costs through the planning of periodic service.