INNOVA|AE provides highly qualified Integrated Architecture & Engineering services and innovative strategic solutions for private and public companies, in order to enable the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) market to achieve the efficient, improved and sustainable development.


+ Mission

I N N O V A | A E offers the “Integrated Project Delivery” (IPD), that is an integrated solution of architectural and engineering services that embraces the specialized skills and the consulting support to perform the construction project from planning to lifecycle management achieving the multi-criteria requirements, such as the delivery on time and on budget and the compliance with the environmental sustainability and general stakeholders’needs.

+ Qualified Expertise

I N N O V A | A E manages the projects according to the best practices of Project and Construction Management, integrating the highly qualified expertise in the area of architectural and urban planning, structural and seismic engineering, geotechnical engineering, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineering, safety and fire protection , the environmental and acoustic analysis and the consultancy sector, such as due diligence and financial-technical feasibility scenario.
Based on the years-long experience of the professional partners, I N N O V A | A E provides integrated and strategic advice in the Real Estate development area, both for the specific technical and the fiscal, legal and financial solution, in order to help the Client building the Real Estate investment.

+ Values

Lat. [Innova]: innovate !

Executing professional activities as an ongoing technical and operational improvement is the key of our way to perform architecture and engineering as an attitude towards innovation: I N N O V A !

Lat. [Integer]: righteous, virtuos

We believe that such innovation must come along with ethics of integrity, respect for people and for civil society, which represent our basic and fundamental requirements.

Freedom of ideas, incentive of curiosity, creativity and largess towards the society are the values of our Professionals.