Innovation. International research and professional service execution as an ongoing technical and operational improvement: that’s our INNOVA approach.

Integrity. We believe that such innovation can exclusively come along with ethics of integrity, respecting and enhancing people who work with and for us, and giving back to the community.

Italianity. We join creativeness and passion, exclusive competence and craftsmanship with high-qualified expertise and state-of-art proficiency.

Integration. From feasibility to detailed design, from urban planning to structural engineering, our multidisciplinary professional team is fully involved to achieve the client’s project needs.

Customer focus. We believe the deeply commitment of our senior professionals yields the most appropriate accomplishment of the client’s goal.



“From childhood to teens, I started dreaming design and construction by playing with LEGO train station, watching seismic structure docs and looking at skyscrapers during holiday vacations. Even today I feel passion is the key driver of our work. We have the luck of doing a job which allows us to experiment and implement something different every day. Furthermore our industry is so multidisplinary and innovative there’s no limits to the ongoing personal and professional enhancement. My great challenge is to fulfil such a demanding approach alongside a cultural improvement that can truly set integrity as a key pillar”