INNOVA|AE offers integrated structural and geotechnical design considering both the soil-structure interaction and the requirements of the building and technological systems.

The academic research expertise allows the application of calculus models with several in-depth analyses and different solve approaches, from the implementation of nonlinear analyses to the development of ad hoc modeling.

The detailed designs and the shop drawings are provided in order to guarantee the operational feasibility of the structures. The processes and the stages of the assembly are structurally checked by calculus verification of the inter-operam configurations. The drawings, from preliminary to detailed, are implemented with 2D and 3D CAD softwares and can be also develop in BIM platform.

The design concerns both the building of new structures and the retrofit of the old ones, with different techniques and operation approaches.
The design and calculation refers to residential, office, commercial, health, service, museum, parking, educational, police stations, railway and subway stations, amusements parks, communication and wind towers, road viaducts and underpasses, retaining walls and piles, superficial and deep foundations, towards single purpose structures for aerospace industry.

INNOVA|AE is qualified in the application of several structural materials, such as R.C., P.R.C., softwood and glue laminated timber, masonry, steel, steel-concrete composite, aluminum and FRC. The expertise of seismic isolation and damping devices is derived by experimental research.